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We are Citizens for Property Rights. CFPR is a Political Action Committee registered in Greene County, IN.  You are invited join Citizens for Property Rights, a group of Greene County residents and voters formed in response to the threat of zoning to the property rights and freedoms of landowners, renters, and business owners alike. We are an issue only interest group and are not affiliated with any political party or other organization and we welcome all citizens of either party or independents as members. Join us; help oppose this action and keep our rights for us and our children in the future. Our mission is to advocate for or against political candidates and elected officials for county offices based both on their words and actions in support of or lack of support for the personal rights and freedoms of all the citizens of Greene County. All comments and statements in this newsletter are editorial in nature and represent opinions, both of my own and other voters.

Zoning: Truths not Told

are Often the Biggest Lies, read below:

Limited zoning, suggested by zoning proponents and the

Three County Commissioners is not true.


The proposal for Limited zoning being floated is not an accurate description of what will happen.  The statement that no restrictions will be placed on land outside a certain area will also not happen.  Whether this statement is inaccurate because of ignorance or intent is beside the point. The truth is not being told and the local paper is trying to poll people about this inaccuracy rather than investigate and inform the public.  Take the time to listen to the people in the counties who already been victimized by this tragedy and heed what they say.  Zoning has nothing to do with economic development or growth and everything to do with control over people and property. Homeowners and small businesses are harmed by zoning.

  1. There is no county in Indiana with zoning that does not have zoning county wide.  Even if regulations are more stringent in one area, that doesn’t mean others areas are not affected. Any county with zoning will have to issue building permits county wide.  The county would then have the responsibility to insure the safety and habitability of all structures in the entire county.   That means building codes and inspectors just like Monroe County and all other counties that have the tragedy of zoning. That means, as I said before, you will have to be inspected by some county appointed half-wit to do anything to your property.  There is absolutely no such thing as limited zoning and it doesn’t exist anywhere.  Don’t be taken in by this partial and inaccurate explanation.
  2. Everything bad you’ve always heard about zoning is absolutely true and worse even than that.  Zoning, TIFFS, and other schemes are the 20th century tyranny against the freedom and rights of citizens to be secure in their homes from intrusion by anyone and especially the government. Good God, don’t ask for it!
  3. The statement that grants might be obtained to finance zoning is another inaccuracy.  Grants are for specific purposes and not just used anyway the County wants to.  In Owen County (zoned in 2003), home and business construction is so slowed by their zoning mess that they are now dipping into general funds to bail out their ridiculous experiment with zoning and the officials who run it. Many there are finally seeing the light considering doing away with zoning completely.
  4. The people in Greene County are being painted a rosy picture without being told everything involved. For goodness sakes, get out of this county and look around.  Anyone who thinks they can legislate prosperity by taking away property and freedoms from the citizens would probably like to buy a bridge to nowhere (speaking of that, the GCEDC and the Redevelopment Commission wants to build a road to nowhere.) Military bases have been trying to get contractors off base all over the country for the last twenty years. They must be delighted to see gullible local governments silly enough to pick up the tab for them. In reference to I-69, that has nothing to do with zoning. In the nearly 40 States I have driven through there are literally thousands of counties and tens of thousands of intersections which are only exits and entries.  An interstate passing through a few acres of cornfields in a small state will only reduce the crop yields and nothing more. Terre Haute has 80.000 people and only 3 exits off I-70. The notion that I-69 will bring industry is simply ridiculous as can be seen in so many thousands of places across this country.  And lastly, the government telling people what to do with their property is absolutely wrong in the first place no matter how they try to rationalize it.

Zoning is like a cancer in our nation’s body, and like all cancers it must grow to live, until finally it consumes everything. Zoning boards routinely and regularly rewrite and add to zoning regulations, so what you start with is irrelevant. There is no end to the bottomless pit of zoning and government control, just ask anyone in Monroe County.  Don’t let three naïve and uninformed people (Commissioners) and 9 non-elected persons (Area Planning Commission) take away your rights.   Read on, stand up, vote, and be counted. SIGN UP, vote to keep the freedoms you’ve had for nearly 200 years

(CFPR is seeking financial & physical help setting up a mass mailing campaign to all registered voters: Volunteer to Help

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Zoning, Land Seizures, Government Control

From your Three County Commissioners

& their friends at the Greene County Economic Development Corporation


Greene County, Indiana, one of the few remaining free counties in the state, will soon be subjugated to the misery of property controls, inspections, taxes, expense, and useless government bureaucracy like so many areas before us and all thanks to only three people. It will be the work of these three Commissioners to undo the freedom that all of our residents have enjoyed for nearly 200 years and always took for granted for us and our children.  The actions so far of the Commissioners indicates that they apparently do not understand that in a representative democracy they were elected to represent the “WILL” of the people, not their own, or the few & powerful, or outsiders seeking control.  CFPR welcomes all freedom loving Democrats, Republicans, Independents; anyone who values their freedom and rights to Join us/Sign up a Friend or Neighbor.  Please visit and add your name to the email list for updates. Please sign up so we know how many confirmed, determined “Freedom” voters we have and so we may let officials know too. “YOU” are the only thing the zoning advocates have to fear and you must be heard. Add your vote to ours and help to defeat the Commissioners who represent minority interests at the expense of their own constituents. Please help us defeat and replace all three.

Join the CFPR Freedom Voters

Elect the “right” 3 people from either political party who will represent the voters, not the powerful or influential.

Elect Common Sense, Not Nonsense

Only by voting, and in great numbers, can the vast majority of Greene County residents who value their freedom regain their rights soon to be sacrificed by the Commissioners to the GCEDC agenda of Government control of private property. Will you fight for your rights or roll over?  There is only one solution: Join us and VOTE! Vote only for people who value your freedom and rights as you do and will publicly and loudly proclaim it and will reject goverment control.

Zoning Misery #1:  Do you really own your property, or do you just pay the taxes on it?

1.3 – Prohibited Uses and Acts (Owen County, IN  Zoning Ordinance, May 26, 2003)

Except as provided in these regulations, no building, structure or premises may be used for any purpose other than those permitted in the Zoning district in which the building, structure, or premises is located. No land or lot area may be reduced, diminished, used or developed except in accordance with all applicable provisions of these regulations. No building or structure may be altered, erected, constructed, installed, moved, replaced or maintained except in accordance with all applicable provisions of these regulations.

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