Citizens for Property Rights, Greene County, Indiana

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Please fill in the following form and join all the citizens and voters of Greene County who oppose any form of government control of private property or infringements of any kind on the rights of property owners. Please check petition only and fill in your name (Mr. & Mrs. or First name of each), mailing address, city, state, zip, and phone number, and email (if any).

Make your opposition and voice even more effective by checking Membership on the form and volunteering to actively help. We need volunteers willing to:

  1. Form a core group of people in their city, town, or area and work with their neighbors to sign on as many voters as possible in that community or area and solicit members at community events or gatherings of any kind wherever people can be talked to directly.
  2. Attend public meetings and take notes. (town & county council and commissioners)
  3. Make phone calls from a list to solicit new members.
  4. Participate with others to operate a sign-up table at public events throughout the county.
  5. And most importantly, volunteer to carry our signs and candidate cards for the voters at your own local or nearby polling place on Election Day. We must participate on Election Day.

If you’re willing to help with any of these needs, then we need you, so please indicate that on the sign-up sheet by checking Membership and help to keep our campaign going and growing. Don’t allow your rights to be taken away; remember, together we can prevail; alone we can do nothing. Thank you, CFPR, Otis J. Russell, Chairman.

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Your privacy is important to us and we will never share your personal information with anyone besides those responsible for submissions in our organization.

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Fighting for our freedom isn’t free. We need donations for ads, printing and facility rentals and for the upcoming elections. Please donate what you can.

You may donate by check or money order. For legal and record keeping purposes, checks must be payable to Otis J. Russell, Chairman, CFPR.

Mail all Checks/Money Orders to:

Otis J. Russell, Chairman
Citizens for Property Rights PAC
8432 W. State Road 54
Switz City, IN 47465
You may also donate online through PayPal by using your PayPal account, credit card or e-check.